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Mother's Day Game

The real fun of a holiday celebration lies in doing some fun activity that can enable the family spend some quality time with each other. One of the fabulous ways of relaxing your mom on the mothers' day is to play some mothers day games with her. You can plan out a getaway trip for her like going on a picnic and then playing some games like memory, cards playing or else our all time favorite antakshari.

Here are some game ideas for mother's day:

1.Fishing is an outdoor game that your mom would love to do.

2.Going on a camping trip would be great fun. Go prepared with your tent and bonfire arrangement.

3.Truth or dare

4.Family flashback - it's a wonderful game in which all generations of mommies can participate like moms and grand moms etc. It is a game in which the participants have to use their creative imagination and come up with different guesses regarding the flashback.

5.To try out something different, you and your mommy can go in for berry picking.

6.Mothers day word search

7 .Mothers day jumbled word game

Lies, Lies, Lies - An improvisation on Truth or Dare except the questions have to be restricted on something you suspect you have been lied about. Tell your mommy what you couldn't last year and ask her whether she lied that time, when she said her friend had an accident.

Family Flashback - Make two teams. One of your parents and one of children. Each one gets one family picture album. They have to make the nicest picture story using the photos of the album, trying to depict more and more scenes using the expressions and scene in the photo. The best story is the winner.

Fishing and Camping - Did you think all moms love mushy-cutie stuff? This one is for more adventurous and active moms of the modern age.

Berry Picking

Berry picking is an exciting as well as easy to play game for mothers day. It's an outdoor fun activity, which your entire family will enjoy. Here are ideas as to how to play berry picking:

1.Plan for a picnic to a berry farm.

2. Make two teams, one consisting of your parents and the other team consisting of you and your siblings. There need not be equal number of people in the teams.

3. Both the teams have to go for berry hunt for one hour.

4. Whichever team collects the maximum number of berries, is the winner.

5. The winner team will get a larger share of the yummy chocolate cake.

Family Flashback

Here are ideas as to how to play the interesting mother's day game called 'family flashback':

1.Make two teams consisting of one child and one parent.

2. Give a family photo album to each of the teams.

3. Guessing from the scenes in the picture and expressions of people in the album, each of the teams has to make a nice story out of it.

4. The team, which is able to figure out more by looking at the photo album, will be the winner.

Fishing & Camping

If your mom is adventurous, there can be no better idea than taking her on a family camping trip on the mothers' day. It will be very relaxing for the hard working mother, when she'll get a break from her boring monotonous routine and go for some thrilling activities like fishing and camping. Well, this trip indeed needs some planning.

Make a checklist for fishing cum camping trip, so that while you go for fish hunting and camping, you don't have to search out for things. A couple of items that are necessary to be taken along for fish hunting are: rods, tackle boxes, depth finders, charger, cords, map, sunglasses, caps, gloves and sunscreen. In the category of other items that are requisite for this getaway trip are camping tent, foodstuff, bedding, proper clothing etc. Enjoy the family camping trip and have fun.

Truth Or Dare

An interesting game for mothers day is truth or dare. Playing truth or dare is not at all difficult. Infact, it's a very simple game in which a pen is rotated on the table. Then who so ever is pinpointed by the pen, has to choose either truth or dare. If the person chooses to go in for dare, then he has to do whatever he has been asked to do so.

In case he chooses truth, then he has to reply to your question honestly. It's a great way on the part of the mothers, to know whether the child had lied to her. For example if the mother suspects that the child had gone somewhere else last night, then she can ask her son if he was lying. And her son has to reply honestly.

Mother's day Gift idea

Mother's day Gift idea

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